Water Law

The firm has a rich history of experience with water rights. Since the formation of the Equus Beds Groundwater Management District, Mr. Adrian has served as its Legal Counsel. The District manages the groundwater for Sedgwick, Harvey, McPherson, and Reno counties. Approximately 2,000 non-domestic wells pump an average of 51.2 billion gallons from the Equus Beds aquifer every year. A significant portion of Wichita’s water is also withdrawn from the aquifer. Mr. Adrian’s position as legal counsel for the district has made him very experienced in handling a range of complex matters involving the regulation of groundwater and water rights.

The firm also handles a variety of other water rights matters. One frequently litigated issue involves the flow of surface water runoff. Disputes typically arise when one landowner sculpts his land in a manner that increases the volume and velocity of water flowing onto his neighbor’s property. The firm has also handled issues involving such diverse areas as inverse condemnation, prior appropriation, and environmental issues impacting water as a resource.

To learn more about water law, visit the Kansas Water Law website.

Water Law Publications & Presentations

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    • “Water Law and Kansas,” Kansas Bar Association (Manhattan, KS), January, 2011
    • “A Sportsman’s Guide to Recreational Water Uses,” Kansas Bar Association (Flint Oaks, KS) September 2011