Estate Planning: Wills & Trusts

Our estate planning attorneys assist clients with their estate planning needs. What is estate planning? Simply put, it is your plan to instruct how your assets will be distributed upon your passing or controlled if you become incapacitated. Having a Will or Trust will ensure your wishes are completed with a minimum of headaches to your beneficiaries. Whether your needs are basic, involving a simple will, or complex, involving tax planning or multi-generational transfers, our attorneys are ready to assist.

A complete estate plan includes more than a Will or Trust—it also includes:

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Business – who should make business decisions for you, pay your bills, if you are unable to do it yourself?
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare – who should make healthcare decisions for you, visit with your physician, if you are unable to do it yourself?
  • Living Will (also called a Declaration) – what care would you want if you were in a terminal condition?

At Adrian & Pankratz, P.A. we assist clients in establishing business succession plans to transfer ownership of a family-owned business to the next generation of family members, key employees, or unrelated third parties.

For our clients with charitable intent, we also create charitable-giving plans with the potential for tremendous tax benefits while offering much-needed support to the non-profits in their community.

Areas of Representation

  • Trusts
    • Single
    • Joint
    • Supplemental Needs
    • Revocable
    • Irrevocable
  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Financial Durable Power of Attorney

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